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Roof Hatch Safety and Roof Hatch Railings

Having a roof hatch is an absolute necessity for most buildings.  There are air conditioner compressors up there that need maintenance, frequent tarring needs to be done, or other equipment that needs your attention from time to time.  So, you need to install an aluminum roof hatch to be able to easily get up there from inside the building.  But, do you really need that safety railing around it? The answer is that you sure do.

Roof Hatch with a Safety Rail

Having a safety rail around your roof hatch is required by OSHA.  Even if you are outside the OSHA regulations, you should still have a safety rail.  For one, it helps in pulling yourself up onto the roof.  Hey, the older we get, the more help we need.  Also, when you’re working, you might be doing that work while standing inside the roof hatch.  The safety rail will help you stabilize yourself while you’re doing the work.

Backing back down to the floor below through the roof hatch can also be a tricky maneuver if you don’t have that safety rail to hang onto on the way down.  Falling is quite easy without that rail. So, OSHA requirements or not, you really need to buy the safety rail when you buy your roof hatch.  If you already have the roof hatch installed, you can get a matching safety rail.  If you’re concerned that it might not fit what you have, give the customer service line at and talk to them about what you have. They can explain how their roof hatch safety rails attach to the roof and hatch.  With their help you’ll get exactly the right safety rail that you need to be safe and to be OSHA compliant.

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