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Get to Know the Types of Hollow Metal Frames

Standard Frames

Hollow metal frames come in two variations: standard jambs that are ready for welding to make a one-piece unit, and knockdown drywall 3-piece units. These knockdown (KD DW) types are used for installation after drywall is already setup. Welded hollow metal frames are the most commonly used frames, and can be installed in exterior walls and interior stud walls.

Getting to know knockdown drywall frames in South Florida

Knockdown Drywall (KD DW) frame is designed to cover drywall and comes in 3 separate pieces:

  • Hinge jamb
  • Strike jamb (two hinge jambs if it’s a pair of doors)
  • and the head

Compression anchors exist on the top of each jamb, as well as pre-drilled holes on each side of each jamb at the bottom. To install this type of frame, you slide the head in place over the wall, install the hinge jamb by aligning the tabs in the top of the jamb with the head slots, and pushing it over the wall. Then install the strike jamb (or other hinge jamb if it’s a pair of doors) in the same fashion as you did with the original hinge jamb.

Next, pull the head down tightly. Tighten the compression anchors, make sure your frame is square and level, and install sheet metal screws in the bottom holes.

Getting to know welded frames

Welded frames can be used in interior stud walls, concrete block, or even poured concrete. It’s assembled, squared, spreader bar welded in at the base, and the joints are welded and ground smooth.

Welded frames are installed in stud walls before drywall goes up, with either universal stud anchors, “Z” anchors, or strap anchors.

You should note that if you’re installing your frame in a poured concrete wall, the frame is usually set in place and the wall is poured around it. In new block walls, the frame is fastened to the floor at the base anchors, and then either wire masonry anchors or T anchors are used.

If you’re installing your frame in an existing block wall, it will need to be punch and dimpled. This involves 6 or 8 holes of roughly 3/8″ diameter punched and countersunk in the jambs. Then either 4″ or 5″ sleeve anchors are supplied. You can then set the frame in the opening, drill through the holes into the block, and screw the sleeve anchors in.

Where to find the most extensive inventory of hollow metal frames in South Florida

Getting to know the differences among hollow metal frames is just one step involved in completing your project. Once you know which type of  hollow metal frame you need,  you’ll also have to have access to these many options. When you have access to variety, you can find your required metal frame without worrying about slowing down your project or overspending your budget. That’s why so many contractors and architects throughout South Florida turn to Amazing Doors and Hardware for all of their hollow metal frames needs. Contact our commercial door specialists today to learn more about how we can help you.

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