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Get to Know the Breakdown of STC With Our Soundproofing Doors

Acoustic Steel Door

Soundproofing and acoustic doors use something known as STC (Sound Transmission Class) ratings to determine that door’s ability to block sound at a given frequency. Here at Amazing Doors & Hardware in South Florida, we have a large array of specialty commercial doors – including acoustical doors – that are designed to decrease or eliminate sound. But how do you know:

  • Which soundproofing door is appropriate for your project?
  • Whether your acoustic door is designed to block out the sound that you need?

We suggest you contact our commercial steel door specialists to ensure that you are matched with the perfect commercial acoustic door for your needs. However, we’re also providing you with a comprehensive look at the STC ratings of our doors, to help you determine the right door for your project.

An introduction to STC Ratings in Miami acoustic doors

A door’s STC rating is determined by measuring Transmission Loss over a range of 16 different frequencies between 125-4000 HZ. The Sound Transmission Class is a single-number rating of a door’s ability to resist airborne sound transfer at frequencies ranging between those HZ. Generally speaking, the higher the STC number, the more noise is blocked from transmitting through a partition.

What can affect a commercial door’s STC?

The STC of any partition is highly dependent on that partition’s construction, and can be increased by:

  • Adding mass
  • Increasing or adding air space
  • Adding absorptive material within the partition

Excellent soundproofing (50 – 59)

A door with an STC rating between 50 – 59 is considered excellent at soundproofing, and ideal to block out loud sounds entirely, or at least dampen them into a faint whisper.

Very good soundproofing (40 – 50)

This type of STC rating will block out loud speech, to make it only heard faintly.

Good soundproofing (35 – 40)

With this type of STC rating, loud speech can be heard, but is hardly intelligible.

Fair soundproofing (30 – 35)

Here any type of loud speech will be understood fairly well.

What to consider when looking for soundproofing doors in Miami, FL

Sound transmission can be both airborne and structure borne vibration (the latter is measured by the Impact Insulation Class – IIC). Airborne sound transmission travels through air, and can pass under doorways, through ventilation, over, under around and through obstructions. Many rooms and spaces require a certain level of noise control or privacy, which is why soundproofing is essential. Sure, unwanted sounds (also referred to as noise) can be a nuisance, but it can be much more than just an annoyance – it can cause a quieter space to become unusable for its intended purpose.

There are many types of spaces that require confidentiality, including:

  1. Counselors’ offices
  2. Law offices
  3. Human resources departments

These, and many other businesses throughout South Florida, cannot function in a space where sound transmits through the walls. If sound transmission is not properly controlled, these offices become useless.

When you’re in need for the perfect acoustic door for your South Florida project, we recommend you turn to Amazing Doors & Hardware. Our extensive inventory of soundproofing doors – with a variety of STC ratings – will surely meet your expectations and project needs.

Contact us today to learn more. 

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