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Door System for Commercial Door Control

When you need a door system for automatic door closing, you have your choice of door closers. There are three different door closers sold by, each addresses their own unique niche forautomatic door systems.

Door System

For automatic door closing, you need a door system that is durable and will hold up to the foot traffic that you have in your establishment. offers the popular door system brands of American Eagle and PDQ.

Door Closer 5100 Series Door System

The 5100 series door system closer by American Eagle has flexibility in style with many architectural finish choices, so that you can match your décor. This door closer is suited for wood or metal door frames and doors. It allows for regular, top jamb and parallel arm installations.

Door Closer 7100 Series Door System

Also made by American Eagle is the 7100 series door system closer. This is for heavy duty use such as entryways in schools, commercial buildings or military bases. It is made to hold up to the most demanding automatic door closer use. It is equipped with a fully adjustable spring range.

Door Closer 53/5500 Series Door System

From PDQ is the 53/5500 door closer that features a slimmer line cover and an optional delayed action feature. It comes with fasteners for a metal or wood frame and door installation. This door system carries a 25-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Automatic Door Closers

When you’re in the market for a surface door closer door system, give us a call to discuss your needs. We have systems available from both American Eagle and PDQ in various styles. You can shop on the website if you know the exact type of system you need for your project or feel free to call us to ask questions.

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