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Blast Resistant Doors In Miami – What You Should Know


Blast resistant doors help protect people and property from dangerous explosions and shrapnel. If properly specified and installed, a blast resistant door can save lives and prevent material from entering another area of your building or facility.

The DOD, DOE and Homeland Security are all building ever-increasingly stringent standards requiring blast resistant doors for a number of structures. However, the most common buildings that require Рand benefit Рfrom these types of steel commercial doors are:

  • Government/federal buildings
  • Refineries
  • Chemical storage areas
  • And much, much more

Frequently Asked Questions about Blast Resistant Doors

1. What should I look for in a blast resistant door?

You’ll want to look for blast duration or blast impulse, as well as the direction of blast pressure loading (ie. seated or unseated). You’ll also want to determine the peak blast pressure.

2. Is it possible to have veneers on a blast resistant door?

Current standards don’t prohibit veneers, but they’d have to be documented within the manufacturer’s certification to ensure that these veneers don’t pose any type of hazard to the occupants of the building.

3. Are blast-resistant doors a good option to increase school safety?

Here at Amazing Doors & Hardware, we’ve fielded many questions about how to increase school safety. Our suggestion is as follows: properly functioning steel commercial doors around the perimeter of the school building provides a cost-efficient solution to guard against unauthorized entry. We also suggest that you conduct routine maintenance of these doors to ensure they’re self-closing and latch every time that they close.

How can you find the best in blast resistant doors in Southern Florida?

Sometimes there are certain projects that require a certain type of steel commercial door, such as a blast or bullet resistant door. If your project requires this type of door, be sure to work with a trusted Southern Florida Commercial Door Provider, like Amazing Doors & Hardware.

With vast experience in the steel commercial door industry – stemming from 1985 – Amazing Doors & Hardware has proven its ability to provide contractors and architects with commercial doors that meet their needs. Our vast inventory of commercial doors allows us to fulfill your requests in a timely fashion, so that your project is never slowed or stalled. Plus, by only working with the most trusted names in blast resistance, you can be sure that the product you receive from Amazing Doors and Hardware will perform as expected for many years to come.

Find your blast resistant door in Miami today!

Contact our commercial door specialists today to learn how we can match you with the door your project requires. Regardless of your needs (blast resistant, bulletproof or more), we’re sure we’ll be able to help you complete your project on time, within budget, every time.

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